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Coaching Blogs

Coaching to Live into Freedom

I find I need to be constantly reminded to live into freedom. Don't you!?! These blogs will help!

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve…”* …the employment

Have you considered ‘finding more joy and freedom in your life’ something to pursue in 2020? Notice

My Adversity will Help me Find Freedom? Recently, I (Garrett) had the opportunity to discuss with George

Mentoring Winning Ideas just for You

Winning! Here are some blogs to stir your creativity to produce some winning solutions for you.

The Tender Question Garrett asks me a question about failure and I was surprised how it hit me

Your Business Idea is Born …now what? Perhaps you recently came up with a great new business

We all Need Restoration Coaching

Restoration is like a cup of cold water in the desert. Read these blogs and be refreshed!

Oh friends, how do we interpret this dark hour we are in?Much less create and reinvent ourselves

When was the last time you pursued an interest or enthusiasm? Has it been a while? Do

64% Say "this past year has been NUTS!" I just read an article about how more and

Has this ever happened to you? Before you start your day, you have these aspirational things you’re

Great Guidance to Help You

I'm all about delivering practical, real world guidance that you can take action from. These blogs will help guide you!

Are you the leader or part of the leadership team of an organization? Read this blog for

Wisdom will Guide us Through this Crazy World Last week I shared my response to a survey

Feeling Like There's not Enough Time in the Day? Here's Why: The problem is that if we

Business Coaches and Mentors Staff members often look to owners and executives for guidance. Despite their education

* I use zoom with clients and have been doing work virtually for 20 years with great results.

Here's a sample of videos to coach you into Coming Alive and finding greater fulfillment as an entrepreneur. Check out The Entrepreneur Guide channel for more!

The Best Response to Disruptions:

pandemics, shutdowns, tornadoes, etc.

Boost your Creativity & Enthusiasms

part 1: Entrepreneurs Unplug!

Discover Your Leading Interests to Greater Fulfillment

You need a Mentor!

The 4 Cornerstones to "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

You need Resilience!

The 4 Cornerstones to "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

You must Believe!

The 4 Cornerstones to "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

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What is Come Alive Coaching™️?

Have you ever seen a professional athlete without a coach? Or a pro golfer without a good caddie? NO! 

So, why do we want to be a pro, but operate like an amateur?

Maybe it’s: “I can figure out the business part, looks easy”.

If you have a passion for anything, it’s easier. You have a passion for what you do, not the business side.

Or, maybe it’s “I can’t afford it.”

Any Pro will tell you that they cannot afford NOT to have a coach. My clients would agree, as they have made many times their investment in my services.

The secret to Come Alive Coaching is YOU living into your passions, again

So, we tackle those current business issues you may be facing that are stealing from you and keeping you up at night. We solve them!

We get you back playing your game, the game you love! That’s freedom!

When you’re ready to reignite and Come Alive, LET'S Chat!