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NEXT LEVEL Entrepreneur

by George Black

Business Book meets historical fiction with "Sage Advice to Apply".
  • Great Story. In 1941 a 21 year old, wannabe entrepreneur (Max) writes a letter to a seasoned entrepreneur (Mr. A) looking for advice. Through their 5 year correspondence you will learn all kinds of practical business secrets, plus wisdom for everyday life.
  • Connects Strategy To Passions. An entrepreneur's passion is their fuel to keep going. Throughout this book there are exercises to help you focus your passions and tie them to strategy.
  • Proven Strategic Process. In the book you can follow step–by–step, how to develop The Next Level Navigator® for your endeavor. George developed this process and has used it with companies, including the global web hosting company: Rackspace, to guide their corporate strategy, as revenues grew 5x to $500m until they went public (NYSE: RAX).

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Robert Vogel

Managing Chairman

Central Texas

    “This book is an amazing approach to creating a clear and unencumbered method of taking our dreams, building vision and mission, creating strategy, and executing.

   George is masterful in generating an intimate and personal story line to help us all live out the visions we all have woven in our hearts.
I believe an entrepreneur would be foolish not to read it.”

In The Book, You Will Discover:


If you've been in business for any time at all, you've been sucked into the day to day, problem solving. You just deal with things as they occur. Did you know you could use obstacles as springboards to your Next Level? That's right, learn how to use the biggest obstacles to your future to create your greatest strategies.


Most entrepreneurs / business owners, i.e. your competitors, simply throw lots of resources to win in the marketplace. In other words, they use the "Ready, FIRE, Aim" approach. Out think your competition by learning the secrets of strategies versus tactics, then apply them to your targeting. Thus, using less resources to hit your target more quickly and precisely, than the competition.


George includes his proven, strategic process in the book. It maps the direction of a company on one page from what you envision for the business to its Next Level and how you will get there, beginning now. It's a great tool for leading your company, aligning your team, and getting buy in from investors. He used it to help guide Rackspace Hosting to becoming the #1 in Managed Hosting and going public.


Over time as entrepreneurs, we experience setbacks, disappointments, and struggles. Some of those 'stuck' places can even become dead places. In fact, as encounter them we seem to die a little. This book, even with all its benefits of practical applications and strategic process, has an even greater benefit: to inspire and encourage, and yes, bring back to life those dead places in you. So that you may Live, Truly Free! 

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My Fictional Autobiography: "The Next Level Entrepreneur"

Paul Edwards

As a military veteran turned entrepreneur who thrives in environments with older, caring mentors ... I felt at certain turns as though I was reading my autobiography.

I sent an excerpt to a fellow veteran and asked him if he felt the same when reading it ... and he said "Yes."

This is a book for the generations presiding over the tumultuous, post-9/11 world, even though the plot takes place in WWII.

And it's chock-full of deep, fundamental truths about business, shrewdly weaved into compelling characters and a saga-like, coming-of-age story. Excellent work George!

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What People Are Saying

   “George Black has provided a vital service... by writing this book. It promotes crucial understanding of the difference between "next step" and "next level" achievements against the backdrop of a motivating definition of "vision." 

   It does so in a way that keeps you reading by alternating the potentially transformational principles and assignments with a credible background narrative. is already helping me move forward strategically in important planning. ”

H. Rosser

   “I always had an idea of what I wanted to do in the big picture, but it was just an idea. 

   This book helped me to not only crystallize that idea into a real world plan, but also helped me to understand why I wanted to and should do it. 

   The exercises identify what is uniquely important to you, and do so in a way that makes your biggest dream a real world adventure, complete with a plan of action.

   I couldn't be happier with this purchase. ”

Spencer Reynolds

   “This book is most inspiring. It sheds immense light on a world full of "unknowns" for an entrepreneur... definitely gets you thinking; it opens up a world of opportunities that you may have not seen before...highly recommend!


   “Provides great step-by-step processes used to execute/implement any entrepreneurial endeavor that anyone has a passion for. It shows one how to deal with disruptions, develop strategies, and think outside the box.”

Keith Ditta

   “Not only will this book help you to craft a great strategy, it will help you to discover purpose in your life!

A. Lee

   “This book helped me realize how I could grow individually and in my career! Great book! Highly recommend.”


   “I was a little skeptical at first of what knowledge I could get from a $20 book. Surprisingly it was quite a page turner. It's short but if you follow the "Sage Advice" given in the book, you'll see that you can actually create a plan to bring any business to life. It definitely provides a good outline to get entrepreneurs headed in the right direction.”


   “I own a business and this book really helped me out... and I am wanting to grow [it]. The exercises in this book made me think of how I could grow and what kind of barriers could be in my way.

It made me think strategically of how to go forward into the future. Thanks to this book I know how to make my business better.”

Micah Shane Barge

George Black

Author of The Next Level Entrepreneur

About the author: George Black

   George has been guiding "stuck" entrepreneurs to greater fulfillment and profitable growth, since 1992.

   The idea for this book came as he worked alongside senior executives, CEO's and entrepreneurs.

   He wanted to share with every entrepreneur the successful techniques and processes that he was using to help guide these multi-million to half billion dollar corporations to their Next Level. It has worked for them, and it will work for you.

I’m grateful for the contribution George made to us [at Rackspace] and recommend his work to anyone aspiring to build a great company.

Lanham Napier

former CEO of Rackspace Hosting

Dear Mr A front cover

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This Companion Guide Book is FREE!

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   This invaluable resource is a Guide Book to walk the reader through The Next Level Navigator®, strategic process created by George Black. It is a condensed version of the process contained in The Next Level Entrepreneur.

   Companies of all sizes have used this strategic process with great success, from startups to large companies, like the global, web hosting company, Rackspace.

   Individuals from all walks of life use it, too. It's even being used in college classrooms!

   The paperback version is available on amazon for $12.95, just click here.

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What More People Are Saying

“George has created the steps necessary for soul searching and implementing to become a successful entrepreneur. This book is informative, exciting, and extremely helpful for anyone looking to follow their dream and create their own business.”

Garrett Takach

“This book was very easy and interesting to read... it helped me realize what my dream is and it gave me the tools to pursue it... It really made me feel as though I can accomplish anything and it has really made me feel empowered.”

Carly Spencer

“I liked this book because it created a dialogue that allowed for a coaching style approach to my own entrepreneurial desires.

So many times we have dreams we want to accomplish but don’t know which ones to invest in or how.

George’s book invites the reader to be honest about those dreams and sort them in a way which naturally and authentically prioritizes them to the place where strategic goals can be reached within measurable time frames with better outcomes than were originally imagined.”

John Aurelli

“I am an entrepreneur and fortunately, in spite of my lack of wisdom, have been very successful. But, oh how I wish I'd had a sage in my life to help me along the way! 

​This book would have helped me so much over the last 15 years.

I know it will help me grow as a small business owner to become even more successful.

We all need a sage in our life to help develop all that is buried deep within us, to realize our full potential. Problem is, few have been so lucky to have found one.

This book will serve as a great resource to offer what we need but often don't have.”

J. Peet

   “[George] packages excellent entrepreneurial advice in the easily digested format of a series of letters between a business veteran and an aspiring entrepreneur. I'm not typically a fan of advice literature, but by delivering his content in this down-to-earth format George has created a very enjoyable read.

   I also found the exercises that are included in the book very helpful. They really guide you through some important thought processes, and anyone with the desire to become an entrepreneur would benefit greatly from this.”

Jessie Jenkins

   “[This book] really helped me organize my entrepreneurial thoughts into a manageable plan.

   The letters take you though a stage process that helps you narrow down both your goals and barriers that you may face.

   Although, I was skeptical at first about the letter format, it ended up helping me a lot with my business idea.

   Bottom line is that this is a great and fast read for people involved in any kind of business.”

Adam Silvia

   “Highly recommend this book! This book gives so much clarity and understanding to entrepreneurs and helps them live the lives they want to live.”


   “I was glad to meet this book. It will help you with your entrepreneurial thoughts. If you haven't discovered one, it will help you seek your deepest thoughts to find one.”

Koyo Kobayashi

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