Hi, I'm 

George Black

My passion is to help people, especially entrepreneurs, discover what on earth they’re here for!

Standing next to the River God at the Marforio Fountain in Rome.

Who is George Black?

Because of my lifestyle as an entrepreneur, I had the ability to spend time with my sons, take them on amazing adventures, and live into all of the meaningful life experiences, which for me, included work that I was passionate about and made a difference, and not missing out on raising my family. 

This is what we mean by Live Truly Free. To have the freedom to live into your vision and passion and have the time freedom to not miss out on the things that are valuable and important to you.

It wasn't an easy journey for me to find this lifestyle of true freedom, but I did, and I want to guide you in this lifestyle. A lifestyle for entrepreneurs.


In the picture above 👆: Here we are adventuring at the top of the Chilkoot Pass on the U.S. / Canadian border, when my sons were teens. We backpacked the historic Klondike Gold Rush trail from Alaska into the Yukon.

My faith is central to me and best summed up: as described by a man named David over 3,000 years ago and who would become a king: "The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” "

My greatest passion is helping others, especially in discovering who they are intended to be. Because that’s when you start to Live, Truly Free!


  • Creator of the proven, strategic process: The Next Level Navigator®.
  • Writer and Speaker of The Trek for the Common Man talks given weekly to 60+ homeless men in a local, addiction recovery program.

George's Expertise...

I love working with entrepreneurs and business owners,

who are passionate about their business, but may find themselves stuck or struggling or simply out of answers at times.

   I guide them in overcoming barriers to new and sustainable growth that is profitable. And in the process lead them into greater fulfillment.

I’ve worked in the trenches for 25+ years,

having help lead 19 companies and guide numerous entrepreneurs in overcoming all kinds of challenges. My real world experience has taught me what typically works and what mistakes to avoid. It's a Fast Pass for anyone I come alongside.

I’ve worked with numerous companies in over 24 industries:

technology, software as a service, manufacturing, commercial and retail sales, recycling (metal), food production (rice), professional firms (law, architecture, therapy), marketing (internet, branding), engineering, construction, government contracting, fitness, real estate (commercial renting and brokerage), energy investment, not for profits, etc.

For Rackspace, [George Black] helped the leaders of a critical new business unit create its strategy for success, and helped roll out key financial metrics. After that success, George led all our corporate off-site meetings for many years using his Next Level Navigator process.

   ...George coached many members of our leadership team to keep our strategy on track while we grew more than 50% per year. George delivered great results. I recommend him and [Live Truly Free] to any business.

Graham Weston, former Chairman of RACKSPACE, San Antonio and United Kingdom

"Through George’s financial direction, we were able to add a new $22m* plant and grow our existing operations efficiently and effectively."

*inflation adjusted

Chip Shirley, former President of NEWELL RECYCLING, Atlanta

“There is no substitute for George’s range of expertise. His grasp of international business and banking allowed me to focus on what I do best: marketing and promoting.”

Andrew Gordon, former Director General of KREYOL RICE, S.A. , Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Some results:

Rackspace ~ San Antonio, Texas and United Kingdom

Internet hosting company. Helped lead their corporate strategy using my strategic process: The Next Level Navigator and roll out key financial metric. [4 years]

  • Achieved their Next Level by becoming the #1 in Managed Hosting.
  • Revenues grew from $100m to $500m, and employees increased from 800 to 2,000.
  • Went public NYSE:RAX.

Newell Recycling ~ Atlanta, Georgia

Metal recycling plant. Established Chief Financial Officer position for their operations and led all the financial activities to build a second plant. [4.5 years]

  • Built the largest metal shredding operation in U.S. at that time, $22m* project which would increase revenue 4x.
  • Revenues grew from $40m* to $100m* while significantly increasing margins.
  • Leadership team began using an array of metrics to manage operations.  (* in today's dollars)

Thrive Agency ~ Arlington, Texas

Digital marketing agency. Led using The Next Level Navigator to help solve connecting their worldwide team and create a dynamic compensation plan while improving profits. [3.5 years]

  • Named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies In America in 2017 and 2018.
  • Team grew 5 times.
  • Launched Skystats, their own website analytics dashboard plugin.

M2 Global Technology, Ltd ~ San Antonio, Texas

RF Microwave Components and Precision Manufacturing. Led the company in negotiations with Harris Corporation to purchase 2 production lines in a highly leveraged and very profitable deal to establish the company as it's first CFO. [4.5 years]

  • Achieved significant profits in the first few years.
  • Grew its actual net worth to multi-million dollars with a much higher valuation.
  • Company has remained in business for over 20 years.