When was the last time you pursued an interest or enthusiasm? Has it been a while?

Do you feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to make time for your interests and enthusiasms?

Does this fast pace society have you burned out and exhausted? If so, read on! 

Let's talk about how you can find restoration with your enthusiasms in this fast pace society

An Amazing Life Lesson From Winston Churchill

Our culture today tells us to never stop working. Let me assure you that accepting this lie and living this lifestyle will not lead anywhere good

I know it won’t be enough to just read about this topic. That’s why I’ve decided to open up a FREE resource to you


It’s a tool that will guide you in re-connecting to your interests and enthusiasms so you can begin the practice of making time for the restoration and clarity that comes from coming alive in your interests. 

To make an amazing change and go from getting through life to actually living life, watch this video and read this blog, then download the FREE resource at the bottom.

Notice how Churchill makes time to pursue his interests and enthusiasms even in the midst of fighting the Nazis and saving Europe in this excerpt from the book Churchill: Walking With Destiny by Andrew Roberts, page 960:

"Churchill had planted shrubs and bushes at Chartwell over the years. Especially to attract many strains of butterflies he’d introduced, and on sunny days he would sit in a chair, as Mary recalled, strategically placed before the opulently flowering buddleias, watching with raft enjoyment the vivid, quivering splendor of the butterflies. The red admiral, the peacocks, and the painted ladies as they fluttered and feasted on the purple, honey laden flowers. He had watched butterflies in Cuba, collected them in India, become fascinated by them in South Africa in prison, and written about them in his east African journey and in California. They were to be the last of his very many enthusiasms of his long life as his mind slowly slipped away.”

Not Enough Time!?!

Amazing right!?! You know, you could have this kind of joy in your life as well. 

I know, I know, you're thinking there isn’t enough time for you to sit and watch butterflies, or garden, or build things out of wood, or go on that fishing trip, or get out your sewing basket and knit for a while. 

Surely everything would fall apart. Right? 

My dear reader, let’s start by addressing these thoughts that oppose your finding joy in pursuing your interests. 

They’re not true. Let that sink in. Receive it. Accept it. They’re not true.

The world won’t fall apart if you took a fishing trip. 

Imagine how Churchill must have felt as he was battling the tyranny and evil of the Nazis. He must have had thoughts like “I can’t take a day off to rest or take any time for myself. If I do, the whole world will crumble under the Nazi’s advancements.” 

But he also knew that if he was going  to be up to the task of battling against the Nazi evil, he would need to be of sound body, mind, and soul.

This meant that he would have to make time for the restoration and soul care that comes from pursuing his interests. 

Restoration is Healthy and Essential

You see, allowing yourself to come alive in your interests and enthusiasms is healthy!

But in our overworked, burned out, and soul crushed society the message is that we must never stop working or everything around us will fall apart. 

This message from society is a lie! Don’t believe it. 

Your family, your children, your employees, your friends need you of sound body, mind, and soul. 

Can we be honest for a moment? 

You’re no good to your kids if you’re so exhausted and burned out that you can’t play with them, engage them in deep conversation, and truly come alongside them in their growth and development. 

In fact, you’re not much good to anyone in a state of physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion

You’re probably doing more harm than good if you’re allowing yourself to live in a state of exhaustion.

Your spouse, you children, your employees, and your bosses NEED you to restore your ability to engage

The pace society sets for you does not work. 

A FREE Resource to Remember Your Enthusiasms, i.e. Your Passions

So, do you really want to live more from your interests and enthusiasms? Do you want restoration, not just for your own sake, but for the sake of those who depend on you?

Reading about it and liking the idea is one thing. But to take action to actually make time to come alive with your interests is another!

Start by DOWNLOADING my free resource for you to identify your enthusiasms.

It’s called “The Dreams to Success Guide”. It’s a series of thought provoking activities from my book The Next Level Entrepreneur. 

I compiled particular activities that will guide you in re-connecting to your interests and remembering your enthusiasms so that you can begin to make time for what will make you come alive and bring you restoration. 

Click the button below to download “The Dreams to Success Guide” and take just a little bit of time to do the activities. 

Comment in the section below to let me know how it goes! 

I look forward to hearing what interests and enthusiasms you will be pursuing! 

May you Live Truly Free!

~ George 

P.S. Please share some of your enthusiasms in the comment section below! 

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