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George Black 

✦ Author ✦ Business Expert ✦

Long version:

George Black is a business expert focused on "stuck" entrepreneurs, and the author of The Next Level Entrepreneur.

He draws on more than 25 years of helping to lead 19 businesses of all sizes, including 6 startups and 1 turnaround. George has worked in 24 industries and guided numerous other companies. Using his know-how of building great companies, he guides business owners to experience greater fulfillment and sustainable profitable growth.

George knows that when entrepreneurs map their direction and understand their numbers they can make great decisions and achieve their Next Level!

Short version:

George Black, author of The Next Level Entrepreneur, has spent more than 25 years starting, leading and guiding companies of all sizes to their Next Level. He draws on his extensive business acumen to provide direction, profitable growth solutions, and clarity to “stuck” entrepreneurs.

Mini version:

George Black is an author and business expert for "stuck" entrepreneurs.

or:  George Black is the author of The Next Level Entrepreneur.

Lower third for TV interviews:

George Black

Author, The Next Level Entrepreneur


Book Description

Long version

The Next Level Entrepreneur: Focus your Passions ∙ Map your Direction ∙ Build a Great Company will both inspire and guide you in discovering and reaching your vision!

Imagine living into your truest desires and deepest passions while being able to make a living and more. How would that change the trajectory of your life?

The Next Level Entrepreneur is a must read for anyone who wants to:

  • Find direction in their passions,
  • Achieve their Next Level, and
  • Build a great company or start one.

Reviews include: “great read...”, “page turner...”, “life changing...”, “great step-by-step processes...”, “most inspiring...”, “highly recommend...”, “fast read...”, “couldn’t put it down...”

As Mr. A says, “Any one with a vision for anything is an entrepreneur!” Doesn’t that include all of us!?!

He adds: “Life becomes a real adventure for those who act on their vision and seize opportunity!” This book will propel you into that fulfilling life.

Dear Mr. A is an uplifting story that unfolds through the correspondence of Max North and Mr. A which begins in 1941 and spans 5 years, including World War II. 

The engaged reader will discover more of their truest selves and their Next Level in life or business. Because, they can receive and apply the same sage advice Max receives from Mr. A, thereby realizing more of their passion, purpose, and direction.

It’s easy because Sage Advice Applications are interspersed between the letters throughout the book.

The book even includes “Mr. A’s greatest secret”: a strategic process called The Next Level Navigator®. Readers can develop The Next Level Navigator for their own personal Next Level or for their startup business idea or for their ongoing company; because it’s all in the book, including Max’s responses!

The Next Level Navigator is the same process George Black used for four years at Rackspace Hosting, helping guide their corporate strategy as revenues grew five times to $500m when they went public. (NYSE: RAX)

This book is for everyone who want their passions ignited, ways to overcome obstacles, and how to reach their Next Level.

Short version

Imagine if you clearly knew the direction you were headed and even knew the strategies on which to begin!

The Next Level Entrepreneur: Focus your Passions ∙ Map your Direction ∙ Build a Great Company will both inspire and guide you in discovering and reaching your vision, and help you develop the first steps to take!

It is a must read for anyone who wants to:

  • Find direction in their passions,
  • Achieve their Next Level, and
  • Build a great company or start one.

The Next Level Entrepreneur is a story set in the 1940’s told through letters. The book is all about discovering and living into your passions through your dreams, breaking through obstacles and reaching toward your vision, which is sourced in your deepest desires.

As Mr. A says, “Any one with a vision for anything is an entrepreneur!” Doesn’t that include all of us!?!


NEW! The Companion Guidebook to The Next Level Entrepreneur!

The [One Hour] Next Level Navigator (available on Amazon)

Download The [One Hour] Next Level Navigator Cover


Book Description

This book is a guidebook to walk the reader through The Next Level Navigator® strategic process created by George Black in just 1 hour!

It is a condensed version of the process contained in his book: The Next Level Entrepreneur: Focus your Passions ∙ Map your Direction ∙ Build a Great Company.

By fully engaging every prompt in this book, the user will clearly identify their Next Level and their first steps to achieve it.

It is designed to be used alongside The Next Level Entrepreneur. The Navigator can be applied to

  • an ongoing company,
  • a startup business endeavor,
  • even your personal self or career.

Companies of all sizes have used this strategic process with great success! From startups to large companies, like the global, web hosting company, Rackspace have experienced great success.

Even, individuals from all walks of life use it. Through the process contained in this book any person will be propelled to live more and more into the person they are intended to be.

Plus, The Next Level Navigator is even being taught in college classrooms resulting in great success.

All this to say, The [One Hour] Next Level Navigator is a great way to start this amazing strategic process!


Testimonial Quotes


What others are saying about The Next Level Entrepreneur...

This book is most inspiring. It sheds immense light on a world full of "unknowns" for an entrepreneur... definitely gets you thinking; it opens up a world of opportunities... highly recommend!      ~ Kai

It seems people today lose their ability to dream or dream big, as life gets in the way and boring jobs are the norm. [It] is the answer to today's youth [to] today's retired person...     ~ Jim Arnett

I always had an idea of what I wanted to do in the big picture, but it was just an idea. This book helped me to crystallize that idea into a real world plan...     ~ Spencer Reynolds

Not only will this book help you to craft a great strategy, it will help you to discover purpose in your life!     ~ A. Lee

This book was very easy and interesting to helped me realize what my dream is and gave me the tools to pursue it... made me feel I can accomplish anything...     ~ Carly Spencer

This book helped me realize how I could grow individually and in my career! Great book! Highly recommend.     ~ Catalina

Provides great step-by-step processes used to execute/implement any entrepreneurial endeavor that anyone has a passion for. It shows one how to deal with disruptions, develop strategies, and think outside the box.     ~ Keith Ditta

The exercises in this book made me think of how I could grow... It  made me think strategically of how to go forward into the future. Thanks to this book I know how to make my business better.     ~ Micah Shane Barge

...about The Next Level Navigator®

The Next Level Navigator is strategy without all the BS!      ~ Shaun Lee, founder of Truckin’ Tomato

We had the good fortune of bumping into George at just the right time as we built Rackspace from an idea into a global company.  George’s ideas and passion helped us really elevate our ability to build a great company. I’m grateful for the contribution George made to us and recommend his work to anyone aspiring to build a great company.     ~ Lanham Napier, former CEO of Rackspace

For Rackspace, Intigro [George Black] helped the leaders of a critical new business unit create its strategy for success, and helped roll out key financial metrics. After that success, George led all our corporate off-site meetings for many years using his Next Level Navigator process. From 2004-2008, George coached many members of our leadership team to keep our strategy on track while we grew more than 50% per year. George delivered great results. I recommend him and Intigro to any business.      ~ Graham Weston, former Chairman of Rackspace

George and Intigro have a process [The Next Level Navigator] that brings order to disarray and can help any organization focus its efforts on the key drivers of success.     ~ Lew Moorman, former President of Rackspace


Interview Questions

Builder Masterclass questions:

1. Of all the industries you could focus on, why have chosen builders and construction for your Masterclass?

2. In all your years of working with builders, what is the one thing that would help them the most?

3. When a construction company owner / entrepreneur signs up for your Masterclass what can they expect?

4. On your website you talk about "lead with your numbers". Will there be a lot of wonky, financial stuff in this class? Wouldn't it be better suited for the builder's accounting person?

General questions:

1. You've started companies, led companies, even turned around companies - how? Have you found a consistent way to do that or is every company different and required unique approaches?

2. Now that you are no longer leading companies, what is your hope and passion for ?

3. In all your years of working with entrepreneurs, what’s the most common thing they are missing and, what is the one thing would help them the most?

4. What led you to write The Next Level Entrepreneur: Focus your Passions ∙ Map your Direction ∙ Build a Great Company? And, what is it about?

5. What’s the #1 thing you’d hope any reader would get out of your book?

6. Over the years how have you helped business owners achieve sustainable, profitable growth?

7. You’ve mentioned The Next Level Navigator®, could you explain how it works?

8. Are there any ways our listeners could start doing the The Next Level Navigator for themselves, right now? Are you available to work with them, if they need help?

9.  What are you doing today to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve greater success?

10. What's the best way for viewers to engage with you and ?



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