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" The future of my company feels way more real after completing The Next Level Navigator and I know our Next Level is now much more achievable."


Create Winning Strategy and

 Inspire with Direction and Action

Take this eCourse to learn how to develop real strategy that will produce real results for your business! Build the business that fits into the life you want with the Next Level Navigator.

You can even do it with YOUR Team!

Imagine a life where you can:

  • fully live into your passions 
  • plot your course and avoid costly mistakes
  • lead your company and team to great success with wisdom far beyond your experience
  • make great impact in the world
  •  and to top it all off, live the lifestyle you want inside and outside of your work 

The Next Level Navigator eCourse provides practical guidance to understand and focus your passions, overcome success barriers, and develop winning strategies that will take your business to the Next Level! 

Focus Your Passions

Your greatest fulfillment will come from living into your passions. Likewise, your greatest successes will come from focusing your passions and bringing your desires to life. 

Map Your Direction

Chart your course to success and a life you will love living. Avoid costly mistakes by drawing from George's 25+ years of leading business strategy across 19 different industries. 

Build a Great Company

Become a great leader, make great impact, find great fulfillment, and live a great life. What else is there to say?

Remember your truest desires, bring your passions to life, build a great business around what you love, avoid costly mistakes, and proactively overcome barriers to quickly grow to your Next Level!

Live Into Passion

Find Freedom 

More Success And More Time For Fun

Come alive as you focus your passions into your entrepreneurial endeavor. Map your direction, avoid costly mistakes, and implement strategies to breakthrough to your Next Level

You will be creating the success in your business and building a company that fits into the overall lifestyle you want

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The Rackspace $500m+ Case Study:

The Navigator Works!

At Rackspace Hosting I help guide the development of their corporate strategy using my proven, strategic process: The Next Level Navigator™. When I began to help lead their corporate strategy their revenues were $100m with 800 employees.

Furthermore, I helped many departments do the same. In this way we were able to align every "Racker" and department to the company’s Next Level.

Once The Navigator creation process was completed resulting in a one page document, we formed teams across the company to accomplish various strategies. 

Then came The Navigator action phase. Over the next 6 months, I would work with a host of teams to implement their assigned strategy. Every 6 months we would update The Navigator and the teams would tackle new strategies all tied to reaching Rackspace’s Next Level.

You can't imagine all the day-to-day distractions constantly going on. Just like any of us, the teams at Rackspace needed an outside force, such as myself to lead them to build their strategic habits and stay on target to their Next Level. 

I led them to  bust through obstacles with great strategy. 

The Results: Rackspace achieved their Next Level in 4 years, instead of the planned 5 years! They became the #1 in Managed Hosting according to the Gartner Quadrant. During those 4 years revenues grew from $100m to over $500m, employees numbered over 2,000, and they went public (NYSE:RAX).]

Graham Weston

Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Rackspace

George led all our corporate off-site meetings for many years using his Next Level Navigator.

"For Rackspace, George Black helped the leaders of a critical new business unit create its strategy for success, and helped roll out key financial metrics.

   After that success, George led all our corporate off-site meetings for many years using his Next Level Navigator process...

   ...George coached many members of our leadership team to keep our strategy on track while we grew more than 50% per year.

   George delivered great results. I recommend him and Intigro to any business."

Lew Moorman

President of Rackspace, Board Member

George's strategic process brings order out of chaos!

"George has a process [The Next Level Navigator] that brings order to disarray and can help any organization focus its efforts on the key drivers of success. "

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About The Course Teacher, George Black

I am a business expert focused on "stuck" entrepreneurs, and the author of The Next Level Entrepreneur.

I draw on more than 25 years of helping to lead 19 businesses of all sizes, including 6 startups and 1 turnaround. I have worked in 24 industries and guided numerous other companies. Using my know-how of building great companies, I guide business owners to experience greater fulfillment and sustainable profitable growth.

I know that when entrepreneurs map their direction and understand their numbers they can make great decisions and achieve their Next Level!


Focus Your Passions, Map Your Direction, and Build A Great Company

Don't Miss Out On Any More Life! Come alive in your passions, lead from breakthrough strategy, and Live Truly Free into the life you really want. 

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At Live Truly Free we strongly believe The Next Level Navigator™ eCourse will get you results!

Our expectation is that your return will far exceed your investment. However, it takes time and effort to see results.

If however, you are not happy for any reason, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee from your date of purchase, less $100 for the book and processing fees. Simply email us before the end of the 7 days, and we will process your refund.

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