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Hi, I am George Black, I’ve been guiding “stuck” entrepreneurs to greater fulfillment and profitable growth, since 1992.

Live Masterclasses with George!

"Phenomenal results working with Live Truly Free!

I have done both the Strategies to Actions Masterclass and the Strategy 1 on 1 Sessions. George has helped  us organize and express our entire direction on 1 page through his strategic process: The Next Level Navigator.

Even before we finished it, I was using it to increase sales and focus our team!"

- Bret Broussard, Founder and President, Broussard Group -

"My objective from our engagement is that you are Living more Truly Free ~ more fulfilled ~ more profitable, far beyond your investment." ~ George

Masterclasses with George

A great way to start creating sustainable, profitable growth with only 4 entrepreneurs per class and George leading each session.

There are 2 Masterclasses:

Strategies to Actions  Objective: Develop the habit of working on strategies a little bit every week by accomplishing up to 3 strategies that move you closer to your company's Next Level.

  • Begins with developing The Next Level Navigator® for you company from which we begin executing on Next Step Strategies.

Be Your Own Financial Guru  Objective: Lead your company from customized financials and metrics, because you now understand the financial dynamics of your company.

  • Begins with developing financial metrics customized to you and your business through which you will understand the financial dynamics of your company by modeling them. You will need access to spreadsheets. 

Each Masterclass:

  • Is live and interactive with George leading each session.
  • We will systematically move through the topic while also addressing your specific issues.
  • Huge Benefit: You will also hear and learn through the other entrepreneur's situation. (Everyone signs Non Disclosure Agreements)
  • There are 18 Sessions (55 minutes) spread over 6 months. (There is a catch up week every month, do you don't fall behind.)
  • All sessions are interactive via zoom video and are recorded and posted for your private review.
  • Book a FREE video call for answers to all your questions.

More About the Areas of Focus for "Strategy to Actions" OR "Financial Guru"


Map Your Direction!

Will help you and your company become more profitable and grow,

I've seen it happen at every company I've used it with!

Using my proven, strategic process: The Next Level Navigator®, I will help align your passions and financials to strategically target your Next Level.

This dynamic tool is designed to keep you on course no matter the obstacles or pivots you face.

It's a great tool to align teams, recruit great employees, and pitch for more funding.


Create Sustainable Growth

This all about taking ACTION on your strategies.

No amount of great strategy happens without EXECUTION. I'm here to help!

To create sustainable growth you absolutely must work on your business every week.

Easier said than done. The daily stuff sucks us in and suddenly the week is gone.

So, I help you establish new habits, work through distracting issues, overcome obstacles, and even adjust The Next Level Navigator.


Be THE Financial Guru!

You probably didn't become an entrepreneur to be the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for your company!?!

Yet, this is one of the best ways to become more profitable and increase net worth.

Imagine not guessing how your company is doing! 

Instead, you lead and make decisions based on a full understanding of the financials with your own metrics.

Plus, you'll be able to have robust financial conversations, and even direct your accounting, if needed.

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