As of March 12, 2020, the world is on “fire”! It’s in full panic mode over the Coronavirus COVID-19.

I don’t need to tell you about the market collapse, the cancellations, or how to protect yourself, etc.

Why is there a Panic?

Lots of reasons, but what I find it so interesting is how we instantly go to worst case scenarios in our imaginations. 

In fact, it seems it’s so much easier to vividly imagine the worst, and practically impossible to vividly imagine the best.

Countries, organizations, businesses, universities, sports, etc. are all taking actions they believe will slow the spread of the virus.

So, what keeps us from imagining these actions won’t work?

We should be relieved by their actions, but we’re not. In fact, for many their panic is only intensifying.

I’m hearing all kinds of stories of people fearing for their lives, financial fears, hoarding, chaos, etc., and you are too.

Doom and gloom is off the charts!


I could tell you…

That there are currently ONLY 59,000 to 62,000 active Coronavirus cases worldwide.

Or, I could tell you that an average of 1.25 million people are killed worldwide per year in automobile crashes. 

Or, 600 million people worldwide got the swine flu 11 years ago and there was no panic.

Or, I could share with you the actual COVID-19 statistics being compiled and that our chances are very low of contracting this disease. And of those who do have it, 90% have a mild form.

But, none of these facts will probably changes much for you, because we’re in a Panic!

So how then, should we live?

This is a great time to do the opposite of a world that is ‘running for the exits’! 

Let this Panic be a wonderful blessing to do a “gut check”.

First, use this Coronavirus Panic to ask yourself this question:

What on earth are am I here for!?!

In my book, The Next Level Entrepreneur, Mr. A keeps bringing up ways for Max to discover who he is intended to be. I’d encourage you to get a copy and read it this weekend! You will be filled with encouragement and hope!

Do the ‘Sage Advice to Apply’ exercises in the book and get clearer about who you are.

At we’re all about guiding entrepreneurs to live into who they are intended to be.

This is the BEST time to begin living fully into the person you were always meant to be. Don’t hold anything back. Go for it!

Second, the negative economic impact from this COVID-19 Panic is real. So…

How are you positioning to take advantage of the economic rebound?

Yes, I said rebound! 

Make no mistake, there will be an economic rebound. And for a number of reasons, I believe it will be significant.

Now is the time to know where you are headed 

and understand your numbers, 

so you are in an excellent position for new opportunities to win big.

If you’ve done a Next Level Navigator®, as found in my book it will be easy for you to make some strategic pivots to position your company for fresh growth.

If you haven’t, then do The Next Level Navigator.

In fact, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my guide book: The [One Hour] Next Level Navigator. with a purchase of my book. For the details, Click Here.

Plus, I’d be happy to come alongside you and help you map your direction, understand your numbers, and start taking action for more growth and greater profitability.

You see, I have been working remotely for almost 20 years with great success.

Currently, we offer 1 on 1 engagements, Masterclasses, and Outsource CFO services. And I can do any of these remotely via Zoom video calls.

If you’d like to talk about positioning for the next rebound, schedule a FREE video call at your convenience and let’s chat.

Regardless, my encouragement to you is look to the future for opportunities that are just around the corner.

Remember: Everyday is a blessing - a gift!

We all face adversities at various times, whether it’s the Coronavirus or something else.

Use this Coronavirus COVID-19 Panic as a springboard into living your life to the full.

And my hope for each of you is that you know a peace and joy that makes no sense in the midst of a world that is going crazy!

I’d love to help you any way I can,

~ George

P.S. In fact, if it would be helpful for you just to chat with me, click here and schedule a time for us to talk.

P.P.S. Please share this post with every entrepreneur you know, especially ones who may be panicking.

About the author 

George Black

George Black is the author of "The Next Level Entrepreneur" and a business expert who guides "stuck" entrepreneurs. He draws on more than 25 years of working with businesses of all sizes across 16+ industries. Using his know-how of building great companies, he guides business owners to experience greater fulfillment and sustainable, profitable growth.

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