I sure have!!!  Hi, I’m Garrett Takach.

I’m a competitor on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and an entrepreneur who founded a Ninja Park fitness gym 5 years ago. 

I’m great at everything 'Ninja' and helping others achieve their fitness goals, but I struggle with the business side of my company.

So, I called George Black because he guides entrepreneurs like me.

My conversation with George:

(If you want to hear our conversation - raw and unedited, click the play button at the bottom)

I started by telling George that I am struggling with the accounting side of my business and I am stressed about making the deadline for taxes. I explained that I feel inadequate to be an entrepreneur because I can’t manage the financial side of my business.

Then I hear myself telling George that I hate doing the accounting and it seems to be killing my entrepreneurial desires. I know this has to get done properly for my business to continue, but how can I continue with this strain on my passions? 

Even I'm surprised by the intensity of what I am saying.

Ninja obstacles are the answer


George asked me if there are any Ninja Warrior obstacles I struggle with. I told him that the balance obstacles have always given me trouble. George reminds me that there are some obstacles that come naturally and some obstacles that I have to work hard to learn to become a great Ninja athlete.

That's me running on the spinning log to improve my balance.

He goes on to point out that as an entrepreneur, I have a natural inclination and talent for doing fitness and operating my gym, Ninja Park. However, when it comes to the financial side of things, I don't have natural talent. If I did, I'd be a Chief Financial Officer, not a Ninja.

But just like I had to work hard at the balance obstacles to become a great Ninja, I will have to work hard and learn how to manage the financial side of my business to become a great entrepreneur.

He explained to me that entrepreneurs don’t have to be the accountant or bookkeeper, but they do need to understand what the numbers are telling them so that they can stay on top of their company and stay in good graces with the government. 

The Encouragement I Needed

I was greatly encouraged, as George connected learning balance as a Ninja to becoming a better entrepreneur with the financial side of my company. 

This is a great analogy for me because I begin to realize that being weak at finances does not make me inadequate as an entrepreneur. Rather, it is just something I will need to get better at, just like I had to get better at balance obstacles. 

Throughout our conversation, I found new motivation to continue getting better at managing the finances. Plus, I came to an understanding that just like balance obstacles are going to be in the course, managing the finances are a part of being a great entrepreneur. 

What I learned: 

  • Just like an Ninja Warrior, I have strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. And will need to strengthen those weak areas to beat the course! 
  • I don’t need to be the bookkeeper forever. However, by doing it right now I am growing in understanding and skill, so that I can manage it down the road. 
  • The more I learn about the business side of my business, the better entrepreneur I will be and that's a lot more enjoyable than not knowing what's going on. 
  • A Ninja Warrior has to be able to balance to overcome obstacles. Just as an entrepreneur has to be able to balance between leading the business side of the business and what they are really good at. 

Click below to listen to my raw and unedited conversation with George! 

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