Enough struggling, entrepreneurs! 

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Hi, I am George Black, I’ve been guiding “stuck” entrepreneurs to greater fulfillment and profitable growth, since 1992.

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We use our experience to create yours

For over 25 I've worked in the trenches alongside many CEO's, business owners and entrepreneurs across 16+ industries, including: technology, software as a service, manufacturing, construction, professional firms, retail, marketing, not for profits, etc.

I’ve worked with companies from solopreneurs to 2,000+ employees; from $100,000 to $500 million in revenue, and everything in between.

I have been involved in the day to day issues and decision making of these companies, as their Outsource Chief Financial Officer (Part Time CFO) and Business Strategist.

The business side of business is my passion, just like entrepreneurs and business owners have a passion for what they do.

Let's combine our efforts and build a great company experience for you!


Discover how we make a difference with your company

If you’re reading this, Congratulations!

It means you’re someone who is looking for more, and that's the path to success.

This diagram illustrates my process.

My approach in guiding entrepreneurs over the years is a one - two punch that leads to fulfillment, sustainability and profitability.

Know where your headed, understand your numbers and lead yourself and company using both. That's it!


Check what our clients say about us

"Phenomenal results working with Live Truly Free! 

I have done both the Masterclass and 1 on 1 Sessions. George has helped us organize and express our entire direction on 1 page through his strategic process: The Next Level Navigator®.
Even before we finished it, I was using it to increase sales and focus our team!"

Bret Broussard

Founder and President of 


"George and [Live Truly Free] have a process [The Next Level Navigator®] that brings order to disarray and can help any organization focus its efforts on the key drivers of success."

Lew Moorman

former President of

Rackspace hosting

"George strategized, directed,  and negotiated the financial strategy of our company, which resulted in a significant increase in our shareholders’ net worth."

Doug Carlberg

CEO of M2 Global

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