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Live Truly Free | Business Growth & Strategy Guidance for entrepreneurs

Guiding Millennial Entrepreneurs to Build Great Companies!

Hi, I am George Black, and I love entrepreneurs! 

How would you like to find a BALANCE between passionately pursuing your dream and the day to day reality of running a business?

Since 1992, I've been using creative and practical solutions with business owners to achieve Next Level results.

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The Next Level Entrepreneur 
Find new freedoms, fire up your passions, as you 
build a great company!

This book will focus and inspire you in ways you never dreamed possible, whether you’re starting a new business or you have been a business owner for many years.

It all begins with focusing your passions. And for some of us, that may mean remembering our passions! To help you with this, George Black has provided “Sage Advice to Apply” summaries in the book.

Out of your refocused passions, this book will guide you in developing strategies to map your direction. To accomplish all this, the book uses The Next Level Navigator® process. It’s a strategic process that George developed and has been using with companies for years.

In fact, he used The Next Level Navigator at Rackspace Hosting for 4 years as he helped guide their corporate strategy. During that time revenues grew five times to $500m when they went public (NYSE: RAX).

This strategic process works! And the entire process is included in the book. Just follow along and go build a great company!

Lanham Napier, former CEO of Rackspace, said: “I’m grateful for the contribution George made to us and recommend his work to anyone aspiring to build a great company.”
Book Reviews include: “great read...”, “page turner...”, “life changing...”, “great step-by-step processes...”, “most inspiring...”, “highly recommend...”, “fast read...”, “couldn’t put it down...”

[This 4th edition was previously titled: Dear Mr. A ~ letters revealing the secrets of an entrepreneur.]

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The Companion Guide Book

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   When you buy a copy of The Next Level Entrepreneur you will receive The One Hour Next Level Navigator, as our gift to you.

This invaluable resource is a guide book to walk the reader through The Next Level Navigator® strategic process created by George Black. It is a condensed version of the process contained in his book The Next Level Entrepreneur.

Companies of all sizes have used this strategic process with great success, from startups to large companies, like the global, web hosting company, Rackspace. Individuals from all walks of life use it. Plus, The Navigator is even being used in college classrooms!

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The [One Hour] Next Level Navigator

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3. We will email your FREE e-copy of the guide book: The [One Hour] Next Level NavigatorThis is page for page, the exact same book on Amazon for $12.95.

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