The Hybrid Level

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An Unbelievable Value!

  • Live Guidance for Fast Learning and Results
  • Compact e-Courses
  • Easy Strategic Assignments
  • Live Workshops
  • and much more content

The Hybrid Guidance Level  gives you full access to all our previous Hybrid content and the new Hybrid content we will be releasing each month! 

Including every Compact e-Course for fast learning and application.

Compact e-Courses + Live Guidance

Every 30 days a new topic will be introduced which includes:

  • A Compact e-Course taught by George Black for fast learning!
  • Followed by a Strategic Assignment Based on the Topic to Begin Creating Greater Success in Your Business
  • Plus, sign up for a Live, in person Group Zoom Session* to guide you each month in maximizing results on this topic.

10 people per session. Due to users confidentiality recordings of these sessions will not be posted.

How do we choose our monthly topics?

We listen to our Hybrid Members and address the topics they most want to learn more about.

Check out some of our Compact e-Course topics to guide you in leading your company to winning breakthroughs!

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Recent Compact e-Courses on Demand 👇

Not Your Grandpa's Delegation Way The Modern Day Leader's Delegation Method

Topic: Leading a Team, Delegating, Lead to Breakthrough

Lead your team to breakthrough and success by learning how to properly delegate

You will be a stronger and better leader of your company and and your people will be much happier and truly empowered.

Don't sacrifice your life trying to do everything yourself and don't let important aspects of your company break off from you and your vision because of poor delegation. 

Learn to delegate as a true leader and lead your team to victory!

Solve Low Cash Problems Before They HappenSo YOU don't run out of cash

Topic: Cash Predictor Tool, Lead From Analytics, Improve Cash Flow

Learn that you can actually solve low bank account balances weeks or even months in advance

Learn how to forecast how much money you will have and eliminate the surprise factor. 

Apply what you’ve learned by adapting our Cash Predictor Tool to the way you do business and begin using it to proactively improve yours and your company's cash situation!

Learn to proactively improve your cash situation! 

The Live Truly Free Days System | Design Your LifeFor Entrepreneurs who Don't Want To Miss Out On All of Life

Topic: Prioritizing, Organization, Lifestyle, Time Freedom

Learn to live a lifestyle of success and time freedom by being proactive in building that system into your life. 

If you are reactive to the day, it will bury you. If your are proactive in how you approach each day, you will set the terms for your own life and create the lifestyle you want

Learn to plan your days for maximum productivity!

Virtual workshops

Hybrid Level Members have access to live virtual workshops 

hosted by George Black and Garrett Takach

Exclusive for Hybrid Members Only!

You pick the topics in the workshop with your questions.

You can send them in advance or put them in the chat during the workshop to ask live.

One Virtual Workshop per Quarter

(at a minimum)

As a Hybrid Member, we want to give you the ability to ask any questions you may have about previous Compact e-Courses, Workshops, other Live Truly Free materials, or other issues you may have in your business.

We’ll address as many questions as possible, per workshop. Some questions might become monthly topics!

All Virtual Workshops will be posted for Hybrid Members only to review.

Hybrid Level Content

Don't miss out on content that will get you unstuck, relieve the pain and cost of trial and error, and guide you to breakthrough and true freedom! 

Hybrid Level Members have full access to all the Hybrid Level content Plus all the LTF community Level Content including our newsletter with all our latest content! 

We create content that goes beyond ideas and mindset and gets into practical strategies you can implement and see results from. 

If we don't truly believe it's going to be an awesome help for you, we don't release it. 

Special Limited Time Monthly Price! 

Normal Hybrid Level Price:


Special Limited Time Hybrid Level Price: 


Get everything mentioned above for only $500/mo! 

Yes, we are serious 😁

100% Money Back Guarantee

All of us at Live Truly Free strongly believe this Guidance Level and these resources will get you results! Our expectation is that your return on investment will be worthwhile. 

We're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee after the 1st month of using the program.

(This is a first use / first time guarantee. In other words, there is no 30 day guarantee for those returning to the program.)

If you are not happy with the Hybrid Level resources after your first month, simply email us to get the entire cost of Hybrid Level refunded. 

Still Not quite sure? Let's chat about it ☺️

Hey guys, Garrett here! Before you go, I'd like to invite you to chat with me. 

I'd love to get to know you and learn what your business is all about! 

*Set up a time to talk with me if you'd like to chat about how Live Truly Free can help you as an entrepreneur or if you just need a friend to talk to!