Delegate Properly So You Can Live The Lifestyle You Want

Take this Masterclass to learn to scale your business and increase your free your time with proper delegation without losing control of any area of your business.

You Are The Leader Of Your Business

It's a tricky balance when running your business to decide what could be outsourced to professionals or delegated to people in your company, so it can be done well and free your attention to other things your business needs. 

Not only is it tricky, it can be extremely costly. Costly to your business yes, but even more frightening, costly to you personally

You are the rightful leader of your company, but sometimes what’s meant to be delegation can turn into abdication.

That is when companies lose faith in their leadership.

You must learn to delegate properly so you are not a bottleneck to your company's growth and so your people will be empowered and happy. 

Learn How To Pass Off Tasks

Learn how to properly delegate tasks so that you’re not trying to do everything and end up sacrificing your life.

Learn How To Not Surrender Your Lead

Important tasks will get done in alignment to your vision which will lead to greater overall success in your business.

Learn To Be a Better Leader

You will have the ability to delegate tasks to experts, outsource hires, or people in your company without that area of your company breaking off from you and your strategies.

So many entrepreneurs fall into an "out of sight, out of mind" mindset only to have to put out fires later, or end up trying to do everything themselves and sacrifice their best life. Not after this class!

delegate like a pro

Start Scaling Your Business And Freeing Your Time

Proper delegation starts with a King/Queen mindset rather than a steward mindset.

This live and interactive class teaches you how to recognize the difference and will teach you practical ways to properly delegate to scale your business and free your time. 

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About The Course Teacher, George Black

I am a business expert focused on "stuck" entrepreneurs, and the author of The Next Level Entrepreneur.

I draw on more than 25 years of helping to lead 19 businesses of all sizes, including 6 startups and 1 turnaround. I have worked in 24 industries and guided numerous other companies. Using my know-how of building great companies, I guide business owners to experience greater fulfillment and sustainable profitable growth.

I know that when entrepreneurs map their direction and understand their numbers they can make great decisions and achieve their Next Level!

George Black

Delegate Properly To Grow Your Business And Achieve Greater Time Freedom

Learn to achieve the lifestyle you became an entrepreneur for by taking your leadership skills to the next level!