Maximize Productivity And

Gain Time Freedom With This System

Take this Masterclass to learn to learn how to proactively create a lifestyle that will support succeeding in your business and having time freedom for family, adventures, and fun!

Stop Missing Out On Life Because The Work Never Ends

In order to live a lifestyle of success and time freedom, you must be proactive in building that lifestyle into your life. 

If you are reactive to the day, it will bury you. If your are proactive in how you approach each day, you will set the terms for your own life and create the lifestyle you want. 

To perform at your best AND have time freedom to experience the rest of your life outside of your business, you need to build 3 types of days into your life. These are the Live Truly Free Days:

  • Renew Days
  • Action Days
  • Prep Days

Together these days make up the RAP Productivity System. 

Rest days are days you spend unplugged from your business allowing yourself to rejuvenate. 

Action days are days you spend focused on doing the things that generate revenue for your business. 

Prep days are days you spend doing the preparatory things that get the revenue generating tasks ready to be executed. 

Learn How To Maximize Your Time In Each Type Of Day

Become a pro at scheduling and implementing Rest Days, Action Days, and Prep Days, and maximize your time in each type of day. 

Learn How To Prioritize Tasks Into Each Day

Stop getting bogged down in busy tasks that don't move your business forward. Learn how to identify and schedule in your priorities. 

Learn To Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Gain time freedom by proactively doing the things that will get you results and saying no to the other 99%. 

Operate in a peak performance system that keeps you sharp, engaged, and creatively growing your company while allowing for time away from your company to spend with your friends and family doing things you love.

grow in success and time freedom 

More Success And More Time For Family And Fun

You will be able to organize your tasks into certain days which will allow you to focus on what needs to be done that day resulting in maximum productivity

You will be creating the success in your business and the overall lifestyle you want instead of reacting to the busyness and chaos of the world. 

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About The Course Teacher, George Black

I am a business expert focused on "stuck" entrepreneurs, and the author of The Next Level Entrepreneur.

I draw on more than 25 years of helping to lead 19 businesses of all sizes, including 6 startups and 1 turnaround. I have worked in 24 industries and guided numerous other companies. Using my know-how of building great companies, I guide business owners to experience greater fulfillment and sustainable profitable growth.

I know that when entrepreneurs map their direction and understand their numbers they can make great decisions and achieve their Next Level!


Build This System Into Your Life And Begin Experiencing Maximum Productivity And Time Freedom

Don't Miss Out On Any More Life! Schedule These 3 Days And Your Priorities Into Each Day And Watch Your Results Multiply!