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The 4 Keys to Record Breaking Success 

Get this FREE eCourse, today!

George Black (Business Expert to "stuck" Entrepreneurs) teams up with

Garrett Takach (Founder of Ninja Park & Fitness and a Competitor on NBC's American Ninja Warrior) 

to bring you this FREE eCourse!

eCourse Includes

  • You'll receive 5 emails with 1 session each. (Please add us to your whitelist or address book.)
  • Each session email has a video and 1 action you can do to grow your business.
  • You will start receiving our weekly email and updates on our new resources.
  • Plus, you’ll learn inside secrets on how to conquer these Ninja obstacles. 
  • A bonus gift at the end of the eCourse when you complete all 5 sessions! 

eCourse Objective:

To learn how to create strategy in 4 key areas to achieve sustainable growth and reach your Next Level.

2020 is YOUR year for breakthrough and record breaking success!

Start NOW with this FREE eCourse!

The 4 Keys you will learn in this course are:


Profits are the "lifeblood" of the company. Without this, the company cannot survive.

Learn to generate profit while doing what you do best! 


It is essential to attract the right people to your company and to put them in the right role.

Learn to recruit and retain top talent!


The daily operations need to run smoothly. Often there are holes and breakdowns in the systems that create problems and bring growth to a halt.

Learn to find and fix breakdowns in operations so you can focus on growth! 


Without strategy, you will get stuck in the overwhelm of the day-to-day operations. Great strategy is what your team will rally behind is what will overcome your success barriers.

Learn to create and implement great strategy and build strategic habits!

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