Personal Business Advice & Help Just For You!

Have you ever found yourself in a business situation where you would love to be able to talk to somebody who has walked the walk?

I come alongside entrepreneurs and guide them in building their company into a strong and sustainable business. 

The key elements I focus on: 

  • The direction of the company. 
      • Direction transcends financial goals. I will guide you in aligning yourself and your team to a direction that will lead to the company you want to create. 
  • Creating and implementing great strategy. 
      • Without strategy, entrepreneurs get stuck in the day to day tactical level of the company. This results in the company becoming stagnate throughout all levels of the organization and growth halts as the mission becomes managing the current level instead of growing to the Next Level.

I think of myself as a “Business Caddie™” My unique business caddie approach is much more than business coaching. 

I do more than simply consult to improve performance with my clients; I help make their opportunities actual realities. 

I walk one on one with leaders to navigate their company’s challenges and obstacles. Like a golf caddie, my process is to strategize and support the leader’s “next shot” for them to have bigger wins.

Caddies help the golfer strategize the approach to each hole. They remind the golfer how to play into their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. They may even urge the golfer to take risks in one moment, and play it safe in another. 

George strategized, negotiated, and directed the financial strategy of our company, which resulted in a significant increase of our shareholders' net worth. 

~ Douglas F. Carlberg, President/CEO M2 Global Technologies

A great business caddie:

  • Has walked the world of business. 
  • Strategizes your business situation 
  • Knows your corporate culture
  • Considers the various financial impacts 
  • And most importantly learns you and what works best for you.

But, beyond all of that a great business caddie knows how to draw out the true you to lead to those big wins. 

That’s why a business caddie does more than traditional executive coaching.

George and Intigro have a process [The Next Level Navigator] that brings order to disarray and can help any organization focus its efforts on the key drivers of success. 

~ Lew Moorman, President  (former) Rackspace Hosting

Are there times that you feel alone - Like you’re hitting balls into the dark - and need something more than just executive coaching? 

It would be my privilege to come alongside you with my business caddie approach to guide you in focusing your passions, mapping your direction, and implementing great strategy that will build a great company. 

Get in touch with me here and we will proceed in building a great company!