The Burning Issue Mastermind

What's a problem you and your business are facing, that until solved not much else can happen? 

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What is your Burning Issue? 

That's an Issue holding you back.
An Issue that needs solving NOW!

Burning Issues can feel overwhelming, frustrating, huge! The kind of thing that gets your stomach in knots when you think about it.

Ask yourself: “How much has my Burning Issue distracted me from what is really important?
What has my Burning Issue already cost me in lost revenue or the bad expenditures of dollars? ”

Burning Issues can destroy a company unless they are extinguished!

If they are allowed to burn, over time they can slow or stop the forward progress of a company, or even worse: reverse the progress that has been made.

Most of all, Burning Issues can suck the life and joy out of being an entrepreneur.

Bottomline: Burning Issues are Soul Killing!

Imagine if your Burning Issue were gone, 
what would life be like for you? 

Whatever your Burning Issue is, NOW is the time to extinguish it!

I have years of experience extinguishing Burning issues!

Struggling through plenty of Burning Issues myself got me thinking about how I can best guide you through yours. If you don't already know this about me, I love entrepreneurs (I am one after all.)

My Burning Issue Mastermind is the water designed to help you put out that fire, all you have to do is bring your extinguisher! (your brilliant mind)

Freedom from Burning Issues

  • Allow you to FOCUS on what's really important. 
  • SAVE time and $$$.
  • Grow your company to it's NEXT LEVEL.
  • Give you more ENERGY and CREATIVITY. 

Apply to join me in this Mastermind, today!

Begins Thursday, April 4th at 10:00 am CDT

4 consecutive weeks for 8 - 10 entrepreneurs 

By the End of This Mastermind:

  • check
    You will have extinguished your burning issue, OR  
  • check
    You will have clear actions to extinguish burning issue, AND  
  • check
    You will begin focusing on what's really important for you and your company. 

“There is no substitute for George’s range of expertise. His grasp of international business and banking allowed me to focus on what I do best:  marketing and promoting.”

~ Andrew Gordon, Kreyol Rice

“George strategized, negotiated and directed the financial strategy of our company, which resulted in a significant increase in our shareholders’ net worth.”

~ Douglas F. Carlberg, M2 Global

“Through George’s financial direction, we were able to add a new $15m plant and grow our existing operations efficiently and effectively..."

~ Chip Shirley, Newell Recycling of Atlanta

the burning issue mastermind includes:

  • 4 Weekly 75 minute live sessions with me. Beginning Thursday April 4th at        10 AM CDT for 4 consecutive weeks. (hosted via
  • Strategic actions to take toward solving your Burning Issue.
  • Weekly progress reports with additional actions, as needed. 
  • Enormous business insights from hearing strategic advice from me and            the other entrepreneurs in the mastermind.
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate with other members of the             mastermind outside of the sessions.
  • Special Introductory Pricing

    Since 1992, I have been guiding entrepreneurs to develop their best strategies, create sustainable profits and build a great company.

    I have been solving Burning Issues for years, and my passion is to be more available, to more entrepreneurs, hence I am launching a Mastermind to test this. 

    That’s why this first one is less than $25 a session!

    Only 8 - 10 spots are available for The Burning Issue Mastermind, so APPLY TODAY! 

    Solve Your Burning Issue, NOW!

    Not Sure if This Mastermind is Right For You Yet?

    We understand! If, you want to make sure this will be beneficial for you and your company, then schedule a 10 minute call with George to make sure you will be a good fit for this group and that this Mastermind will move you and your company forward.

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    P.S. Don't end up like SpongeBob with your brain exploding over your Burning Issue! 

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    More About George:

       George Black loves entrepreneurs and guiding them to develop their best strategies, create sustainable profits, and build great companies!

       He is the author of Dear Mr. A ~ letters revealing the secrets of an entrepreneur, available on Amazon.

       Since 1992, he has worked with numerous entrepreneurs and their companies in a wide range of industries including technology, software as a service, manufacturing, commercial sales, professional firms, engineering, construction, government contracting, and not for profits; located both in the United States and abroad.


    Most notably, he helped guide the corporate strategy of Rackspace Hosting for four years, as revenues grew five times to $500m using the strategic process he created called The Next Level Navigator®.

        Through his website, George is now reaching even more entrepreneurs at every level with all kinds of great resources.

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