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Where are you headed? And, what's keeping you from getting there?

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Growth in the face of disruption

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs… Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it…”

~ Rudyard Kipling, If: A Father's Advice to His Son

LTF NOTE:  Please enjoy these views, opinions and ideas from Doug Carlberg, CEO of M2 Global Inc. Although written

On May 27, 1997 an off the charts tornado with winds well in excess of 200 mph,

As of March 12, 2020, the world is on “fire”! It’s in full panic mode over the

Great strategy is a form of art

"Mr. A knew that the more precisely worded the strategy, the greater the odds of achieving it."

~ George Black, The Next Level Entrepreneur

That’s the question I’ve asked my new clients and prospects for over 25 years. Before you read any

Develop a Successful Marketing StrategyMany entrepreneurs have a great idea for a product or service. They are

SWOT Analysis is not a new tool. In fact, many entrepreneurs and organizations have used it for

* I use zoom with clients and have been doing work virtually for 20 years with great results.

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Where are you headed?

it's a really hard question - think about it

Break free to work on what matters

work on your business; NOT in your business

Ways to Create Sustainable Growth

the foundational concepts to keep growing

3 Business Growth Case Studies

learn much from these successes & mistakes

Who are you?

to source your strategies in your passions

What is your Next Level Breakthrough?

my strategic process The Next Level Navigator

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How does Direction lead to Sustainable Growth?

For over 25 years I’ve asked clients “Where are you headed?”

And you know what? Most answer with a metric, like: “We’re going to double sales!” or “We’ll add a 100 new employees!” or “Expand to more counties.”

Rarely do I hear...

...a clear vision or a mapped direction.

And I’ve observed, these entrepreneurs / business owners are pulled in all kinds of directions, never realizing their full potential.

So, years ago I came up with my proven, strategic process:

The Next Level Navigator®.

With so many strategic processes out there, why does the world need 1 more?


The secret to my process is that it is strategy sourced in your passions combined with clear direction.

This 1 - 2 punch will cause you to soar in the good times and sustain in you in the rough times.

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