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Do you ever wonder if you are making the right decision?
Are you struggling to achieve the goals you’ve set?
Does it feel like you’re bouncing off an invisible ceiling?

What are the barriers holding you back?

As entrepreneurs, we all face barriers that keep us from building the company we dreamed of, whether a business owner of many years or just starting out.

I've identified 4 categories of barriers:

1. Universal Barriers. These 2 factors can create barriers at any time:

  • An ever changing, competitive free market, and
  • People! (including us) always complicate businesses.

2. Large Scale Event Barriers can affect many business, simultaneously:

· market downturns · government interference and shutdowns · natural disasters, etc.

3. Events Specific to our Business Barriers can easily derail us.

Over the years as the CFO for my clients, I’ve faced:

· lawsuits · partner betrayals · crushing debt · high employee turnover · severe market downturns · IRS audits · bankruptcy · unsustainable high growth · huge project cost overruns, and more.

3. Cunning Barriers trick us into believing a barrier is really a great opportunity.

For example, we are presented with a potentially profitable opportunities, but it is outside of our passion or envisioning. I refer to this as the “shiny object syndrome”, where we are chasing the next great thing.

Hint: These barriers can also look like a great, new skill set to learn.

4. Invisible Barriers. These are the most elusive, and perhaps the most difficult to overcome.

These barriers are often inside us, like how we operate or they are at least in our "blind spot". For example we are still trying to operate our company 30+ employees like we did when we had 3 employees.

I call ALL of these categories: Success Barriers ™️.

And we must figure out how to overcome them. But first…

We need to acknowledge a few things...

As a business owner / entrepreneur we carry the weight of these barriers with us 24/7. Unfortunately, we can’t leave them at the office or shop.

Can we be honest?

These barriers take an emotional toll on us.

After a while, we may begin to despair, feel desolate, or even think about giving up, i.e. letting the business die.

We don’t eat well, we wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the barriers. Exercise is a luxury. Our health suffers. On and on it goes.

But it doesn’t stop with us. 

It affects those around us: our marriages, families, social life. Which adds more of weight on to us.

Nevertheless, as entrepreneurs we keep on fighting, looking for answers to solve the painful trouble.

Who hasn’t type their problem into the magic google machine

And no surprise, all kinds of fantastic sounding solutions appear! (maybe that’s how you found this course!?!)

Here’s a secret insight you may not realize:

most of these solutions are tactical!

In my book, The Next Level Entrepreneur I write:

“Over the years my experience suggests that most people are tactical by nature, meaning they do one thing after another without any overarching plan or sense of direction. Perhaps it is rooted in our basic need to survive.

For example, a person who is hungry needs money to buy food, so they locate a job. This instinctive reaction makes complete sense. A plan is devised and executed to solve the immediate problem at hand. This is clearly a tactic.

Tactics involve the specifics of how strategies are implemented.” ~ page 173

So, how is this a problem?

Let’s say your arm is throbbing with pain.

So you take some aspirin. That helps a little, but the pain keeps coming back every 4 hours.

It doesn’t solve the problem because the tactic missed the larger problem that your arm has a tiny fracture that needs a cast for it to heal properly.

Here’s a business example: If your company has low revenue, you can find marketing solutions galore on the internet.

But that marketing tactic may not be right for your barrier. Especially, if you have a poor sales team or inferior product, all the marketing solutions in the world won’t solve your drop in revenue.

Here’s what is really going on…

These immediate, quick fix solutions are tactics with no strategy. That means there is no overarching plan the tactic is achieving. Tactics are by nature short sighted.

We need strategies and clear direction to choose which tactics to pursue and to guide the actions we are taking to overcome barriers to keep on growing.

For these reasons I am offering this course:

Direction to Growth

your One Page to freedom!

In this course, I will guide you in ways to develop strategies to overcome the barriers that are holding you back, thereby dispelling any despair, desolation, or resignation.

You will be amazed at the hope, clarity, and confidence this course will give you to lead your company by using the resulting One Page tool.

You will now have a process to respond to any barrier, pivot with confidence, and create sustainable and profitable growth towards the company you envision.

Pre-Launch Offer! Enroll now for a 75% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will gain immediate access to all the modules and lessons.

The modules begin with what you envision long term and will quickly guide you to the first strategic steps you need to take now.

This course includes: my proven, strategic process, The Next Level Navigator®, plus other processes to help you map your direction.

Results: I will show you how to use the resulting One Page Navigator.

Repetition is the best way to learn a new methodology, and so it is with this course.

So, I will also show you how to...

Use the One Page Navigator every day for a few minutes to keep your momentum going.

Repeat the course periodically to update your Navigator. That's why this course is designed to be done quickly.

Align your team using the One Page Navigator, so everyone begins pulling in the same direction with great momentum creating sustainable and profitable growth.

Follow this process and you will be amazed at how real and full of hope your future appears, the clarity and confidence with which you lead, and the power in your strategies and the strength in achieving them.

Crystal Clear Map: where you are headed with your Next Steps

Increasing your clarity, focus, and confidence. You will know what issues and problems on which to focus and that you are making the right decision.

Creates Sustainable & Profitable Growth

It’s much easier to sustain year over year growth when everyone is passionate about purpose and direction and clear about how to get there. Now, begin breaking through invisible ceilings!

Creates Hope, Energy and Momentum

With strategy sourced in your passions, there is real purpose in what you’re doing. It’s easy to achieve goals because everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Lead with a Process to overcome any barrier, disruption or market change

Equipped with a methodology to pivot strategies while staying on course to your Next Level.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

I've been doing this course in person for 20 years for clients.

Here are a few comments about their experience with me and my proven, strategic process: The Next Level Navigator, which the course includes.

Bret Broussard

Business Owner

Using it to increase sales and

focus our team! 

George has helped us organize and express our entire direction on 1 page through his strategic process: The Next Level Navigator. 
Even before we finished it, I was using it to increase sales and focus our team!

Shaun Lee


The Next Level Navigator is strategy without all the BS! 

Lew Moorman

former President, Rackspace

Focuses on the key drivers of success

George and his company have a process [The Next Level Navigator] that brings order to disarray and can help any organization focus its efforts on the key drivers of success.

Here's a sample of what's in the course

There are other modules that guide you in how to create your best ideas, involve your team, and use the One Page Navigator, 


Module 1: Envisioning your Future

This is vision casting 20 to 30 years into the future. Not so much to create great vision, but rather to point to direction that's sourced in your passions.


Module 2: Your Next Level, 3 to 5 years from now

Many Next Levels take you towards what you Envision. Here is a huge clue: You can know your Next Level, but not how you are going to get there.


Module 3: Strengths to take to The Next Level 

To reach your Next Level, there are things to let go of. This module focuses on only those things that you will need at your Next Level. Note: You will leave all else behind!


Module 4: The Next Step Strategies

Here's where the rubber meets the road and why Direction to Growth is not theoretical, but infinitely practical. It's why it works. You will know the first strategies to work on when you complete this course.


Module 5: Using the One Page Navigator

Ahhh... the "Piece de Resistance". This sums up your next year, next 5 years, next 30 years on One Page. It's so simple, yet so incredibly powerful! As Shakespeare wrote: "Brevity is the sole of wit."


When you sign up, I want to give you 3 Bonuses!

Bonus 1
An e-Copy of my Book:

Part 3 of the book includes a complete example of my strategic process which I refer to in the course for illustrations.

Bonus 2
One Page Templates

As a bonus, I'm including  2 "One Page" templates depending on the style you prefer. Plus, there are in 3 different formats for easy printing.

Also included is a video showing how to use text boxes and type in your responses to each of the sections. 

Of course, you can handwrite your answers, too.

Bonus 3
Best Brainstorming Techniques, ever!

This is a special bonus to guide you and your team in the most effective brainstorming techniques.

Great brainstorming takes practice with lots of  trial and error. With this lesson I shortcut you to highly productive brainstorming very quickly. It works great solo or with a team.

About The Course Teacher,
George Black

Since 1992, George has worked directly with CEO’s / business owners / entrepreneurs of numerous companies in over 16 industries with revenues ranging from $100k to over $500m.

As their (outsource) CFO and Strategist he has helped make the hard decisions to grow companies and create profitability.

Bottomline: George loves working with entrepreneurs / business owners and guiding them into more profitable growth and greater fulfillment.

Here’s what people are saying about George Black

Graham Weston

former Chairman of Rackspace

George delivered great results. I recommend him to any business.

…George led all our corporate off-site meetings for many years using his Next Level Navigator process.

…[he] coached many members of our leadership team to keep our strategy on track while we grew more than 50% per year.

George delivered great results. I recommend him and [his company] to any business.

Doug Carlberg

CEO of M2 Global

George helped to significantly increase our shareholders’ net worth.

George strategized, directed, and negotiated the financial strategy of our company, which resulted in a significant increase in our shareholders’ net worth.

Lanham Napier

former CEO of Rackspace

I recommend George to anyone aspiring to build a great company.

I’m grateful for the contribution George made to us and recommend his work to anyone aspiring to build a great company.

Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Hit more than you miss with this course.

What’s that worth? Priceless!!!

That’s right. Every time we miss our target as an entrepreneur, we waste resources that cost us time and money.

Ready, FIRE, Aim

Most of us entrepreneurs think we know our target and just start shooting without ever taking the extra time to aim.

In my book The Next Level Entrepreneur I write:

In fact, many entrepreneurs operate with a “ready, FIRE, aim” approach! Sometimes they hit the mark, but typically they miss more than they hit. Their solution? Shoot more…

In business, as in the military, misses can be expensive, especially for a new company. It can ill afford many missteps, since it has no previous hits, i.e. successes, to absorb any setbacks…
After years of having many more misses than hits I developed a new approach: “ready, aim, FIRE”!

…Oh, I still miss the mark at times, but I assure you that I have many more hits than misses. This gives me the distinct advantage of not having to expend all the energy and resources [money] involved in wasted shots, which I call avoidable failures.

~ from pages 117 and 118

The purpose of the Direction to Growth course:

Is to guide you to shoot less and hit more. In other words, exponentially increase the return on your time and money.

Below are several stories of clients with whom I have used these processes.

Story 1: Rackspace Hosting
I used all the processes in this course, including the The Next Level Navigator, at Rackspace. I helped them to both develop the strategies and guide the use of those strategies to reach their Next Level.

First, I had to get them to pause and take aim.

But at what target? Their biggest barrier was that technology is constantly changing. How do you hit a constantly moving target?

I’ll be honest, it took a number of discussions over a few weeks, but we emerged with a 5 year Next Level target: to become the #1 in Managed Hosting, go public, and hit $1 billion in revenues. We were currently at $100m in revenue and 800 employees.

We regularly used our One Page Navigator with the leadership team, which we continued to update.

In less than 4 years Rackspace became the #1 in Managed Hosting and went public with $500m in revenue with 2,000+ employees. (They hit $800m in year 5 during a tech downturn.)

Story 2: Truckin' Tomato

I used this same processes in this Direction to Growth course with a startup: Truckin' Tomato.

They sold and delivered locally sourced produce, meats and speciality foods first to individuals, and then to restaurants. 

Using their One Page Navigator they made 3 major pivots in the early years to grow revenues from $0 to $1m+.  By year 5 they sold the company for a healthy return on their investment.

Story 3: Thrive Agency

I used The Next Level Navigator at Thrive Agency, a digital marketing agency.

As part of their One Page Navigator their Next Level was to integrate their worldwide team and grow their team 5x.

They exceeded their 4 year expectations and  were named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies In America in 2017 and 2018.

Get this Course at a Fraction of its Full Value:

If you wanted me to personally take your company through the processes in this course, it could cost between $15,000 and $45,000+, depending on the size of the company.

What’s included in that engagement is my personal “heavy lifting” to develop your best Navigator tailored to the passions of your key leadership, discerning the direction they want their company to go, and developing the strategies to get there.

But you can achieve your BEST Navigator for a fraction of the cost!

  • Simply keep REPEATING the course a couple of times a year. Do it fast!
  • Use your One Page Navigator daily.
  • Regularly update your One Page Navigator as described in the course.

By doing this you will become your own Next Level Navigator Guide! 

Bottomline: This Course Works!

Look, I can’t promise you the same kinds of results described above, but I can tell you

Direction to Growth: your One Page to freedom WORKS!

I want you and every entrepreneur to win by creating profitable and sustainable growth for your business! Most of all, I want you to lead well by experiencing new hope, new freedoms, and more fulfillment.

Personally, my hope and expectation is that you will make many, many returns on your investment in this course.

regular course

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397 $197

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647 $397 

  • Lifetime Access
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Pre-Launch pricing ends on December 31st 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you don’t like the Direction to Growth course for any reason, if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all, we’ve got you covered. Purchase today and you can simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 30 days. Our support team will process your refund, no questions asked.

Note: The Premium Course private coaching call is not refundable, if it has been used. In that case only the Regular Course value at the time of purchase will be refunded.


Details of what's included in the Premium Course!

feature 1
An eCopy of my Guide Book:
Dear Mr A front cover

This is a great supplement to the course!

Feature 2
Office Hours

This a live zoom call for all Premium Course subscribers to hop on an ask me questions. Calls will last up to 45 - 60 minutes.

The calls will be recorded, so questions can be submitted in advance, if you can't make the call.

Depending on demand there will be at  least 3 Office Hour Sessions in 2021. This feature will end  on December 31, 2021.

feature 3
Private Coaching Call with George

This is a one-time, 30 minute zoom call with me. It will be recorded for you to have a copy.

You can schedule this call any time in 2021 based on the schedule availability.

I recommend you schedule a call after completing your One Page Navigator.

You will be given a scheduling  link and an email address to send me a copy of your Navigator. You must use your call by December 31, 2021.

regular course

Get the complete course with 3 bonuses


397 $197

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  •  3 Bonuses, including download of The Next Level Entrepreneur
premium course

Includes the Regular Course plus my guidance


647 $397 

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • ALL  bonuses 
  • The 1 Hour Next Level Navigator downloadable book
  • Office Hours Group Call
  • 30 minute private coaching call + 15 minutes Launch bonus time

You have nothing to lose! Here’s why:

Understanding entrepreneurs so well, I’ve designed this course to be different from other courses out there.

I want you to do it fast! That’s right, FAST!

In fact, you can have your first One Page Navigator easily completed within the 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee. That's why you have nothing to lose

Repetition is THE key: repeat the course in a few months and use the One Page Navigator daily

My passion is for you to prosper and find fulfillment in life. This course will move you in that direction.

May you have many, many returns from this course!

Live Truly Free, LLC

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