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"Our Passions are the fuel that powers our lives to achieve success and it is our dreams that give our passions purpose."
                                                                                ~ From The Dreams to Success Guide

Reignite and Focus Your Passions to Fuel Your Success 

The Dreams to Success Guide is a process straight out of The Next Level Entrepreneur that will: 

  • Guide you in making a living doing what you love.
  • Launch you into fulfillment. 
  • Propel you down the path of building a great company with focused passions. 

Do you want more out of life than the drudgery of sacrificing yourself working as part of someone else's vision just to make ends meet?

Do you want to discover how to monetize your passions and live a life of freedom, authenticity, and fulfillment? 

Click the button below to proclaim freedom and begin a new life. 

More About George:

   George Black loves entrepreneurs and guiding them to develop their best strategies, create sustainable profits, and build great companies!

   He is the author of The Next Level Entrepreneur, available on Amazon.

   Since 1992, he has worked with numerous entrepreneurs and their companies in a wide range of industries including technology, software as a service, manufacturing, commercial sales, professional firms, engineering, construction, government contracting, and not for profits; located both in the United States and abroad.


Most notably, he helped guide the corporate strategy of Rackspace Hosting for four years, as revenues grew five times to $500m using the strategic process he created called The Next Level Navigator®.

    Through his website, George is now reaching even more entrepreneurs at every level with all kinds of great resources.

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