Direction to Growth

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About this course

The objective of this course is to help you create sustainable and profitable growth for company!

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Course Structure

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Test 1. Pre-Launch Users welcome and instructions

Please watch this video which explains how the course will work until it is launched.

2. Overview of Direction to Growth course

Watch this to learn about the course, how it flows, and what you can expect.

4. Brainstorming Techniques

Learn and use these techniques throughout Direction to Growth course.

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Envisioning Step 2a

This finishes the thought that got cut off in the previous video Envisioning Step 2.

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1 Complete your One Page First Draft

You can handwrite on these forms or Go to Lesson 6 to learn how to use Word to fill in this form.

Download the forms inside the lesson.

4 Presenting a long version of your One Page Navigator

In this lesson I talk through all the elements of the One Page Navigator in 8:50 min.

NOTE: The video ends abruptly due to a camera malfunction, but the video contains everything you need to know.

5 A Fast Presentation of your One Page Navigator

If you only have 2 minutes, here's what you really need to say in presenting your One Page Navigator.

6 How to Put your Navigator into a Word Document

You can download the Word doc and overwrite the sample text with your own.

Download the doc inside the lesson.