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There’s restoration in your enthusiasms in this fast pace society!

By George Black | Greater Fulfillment

When was the last time you pursued an interest or enthusiasm? Has it been a while?

Do you feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to make time for your interests and enthusiasms?

Does this fast pace society have you burned out and exhausted? If so, read on! 

Let's talk about how you can find restoration with your enthusiasms in this fast pace society

An Amazing Life Lesson From Winston Churchill

Our culture today tells us to never stop working. Let me assure you that accepting this lie and living this lifestyle will not lead anywhere good

I know it won’t be enough to just read about this topic. That’s why I’ve decided to open up a FREE resource to you

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More Joy and Freedom in 2020

By George Black | Greater Fulfillment

Have you considered ‘finding more joy and freedom in your life’ something to pursue in 2020?

Notice I didn’t say ‘resolution’ or ‘goal’. Most of us don’t make it past February with those.

What if you set More Joy and Freedom as your theme for 2020?

What if this is the year you decide to uncover more joy and freedom that is available to you and begin to live into it? 

First, let me declare that there is more joy and freedom available for you.

The reason most aren’t accessing more joy and freedom is because they keep themselves too busy.

Jobs, careers, activities, over commitments, internet, facebook, etc…

And we forget what we’re here for, or maybe we never knew.

What if you knew your calling? What if you had a vision for your life?

Can you imagine how doing something you love could change your way of life?

One way to bring more joy and freedom into your life:

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Turning Adversity Into Freedom

By Garrett Takach | Greater Fulfillment

My Adversity will Help me Find Freedom?

Recently, I (Garrett) had the opportunity to discuss with George some things I’ve been struggling with. 

Not surprisingly, he provided me with some great counsel and wisdom that I would like to share with you! 

I explained to George that I felt unsure about my direction. The pressure of obligation to continue in one direction is conflicting with feelings of no longer wanting to pursue that direction at all. I’m consumed by an inner battle! 

I continued to explain that I’m no longer sure of what direction I should be going or what I should be doing. 

The key to George’s answer was that adversity will help me find freedom! 

Keep reading to learn how to turn your adversity into freedom!

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Failure Isn’t Final and Failure Never Fatal

By George Black | Greater Fulfillment

The Tender Question

Garrett asks me a question about failure and I was surprised how it hit me emotionally. I guess it’s because I am passionate to see every entrepreneur succeed.

I love entrepreneurs and I know it’s brutal out there, because I’m out there, too.  It pains my heart to see an entrepreneur who has been beaten up on their journey. 

We all feel like a failure sometimes. 

Watch the video below to see my response to his question, 

“What words do you have for an entrepreneur who feels like a failure?” 

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Get Back to Where you Once Belonged: Your Passions

By George Black | Greater Fulfillment

Has this ever happened to you? Before you start your day, you have these aspirational things you’re excited to work on. 

Like the other week, I was all fired up to start the day by engaging on a particular marketing strategy. 

I know this strategy is key to my Next Level which is sourced in my passions. So, I was excited to work on it, because it’s moving me in the direction of my passion.

But as I began working, it felt like it was a magnet to every distraction imaginable. 

What’s worse, these distractions were legitimate: a tax form needed to be filed, several emails needed an immediate response, then came a meeting that had been scheduled, by that point I was so far into the day I concluded:

Well, I might as well clear other stuff off “my plate” today and 
work on that strategy tomorrow.

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The Productivity Trap

By Garrett Takach | Greater Fulfillment

Feeling Like There's not Enough Time in the Day? Here's Why:

The problem is that if we aren’t making enough money in our entrepreneurial endeavor, we look for something else we can do to make money while still being able to do what we are passionate about.

Then all of a sudden you find yourself involved in several different companies and projects and you struggle to remember your title which stretches across an entire page. You find yourself struggling to think straight, let alone actually do anything productive for any of those projects.

This trap of doing more to produce more is deadly.

Here are 3 simple steps you can do to turn that chaos into productivity and get your life back.

Plus, receive a FREE resource at the end of this blog that will help you succeed in what you love and gain time freedom.  

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Top 4 ways to Sink Your Startup

By George Black | Greater Fulfillment

Your Business Idea is Born …now what?

Perhaps you recently came up with a great new business idea. The concept makes sense and your friends or co-workers urge you to give it a try. This could be the beginning of a successful entrepreneurial venture. However, you must realize that an appealing idea isn’t all you need, it’s just the beginning.

These four pitfalls can sink many promising startups:

1. No strategy, values or long-term vision

Few companies succeed by simply putting a product on the market and expecting it to sell. To have staying power you must have strategy and values that takes you to your vision.

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